Are you passionate about your ideas?
Do you want to bring your friend in the hub?
Do you have what it takes to make change happen?
If they answer yes, then allow us to guide you through an amazing entrepreneurship journey.

We’re not going to ride horses, fight dragons or wear magic rings.
We’ll simply focus on turning your team’s great ideas into great social projects using Virtual learning social enterprise model.

This is the playground where your ideas will be brought to life by you and your team, where you work at your social business plan and you can develop the Virtual learning social enterprise.
Either if you are in the phase where you have only the problem but no idea or you already had something concrete in your mind, you can use the missions from the hub to create your strategy and to validate your ideas.

In this phase you can invite people with whom you would like to work on your project because the best start-ups are the ones where people with different skills and connected with the same goal, can transform a simple idea in a WOW project.

How will you do this?
We’ll guide you and your team through 9 missions that will guide you from self-assessment to idea generation, taking decisions, and more. In the end, this will help you acquire the tools that will give you most of the skills you need for your entrepreneurial journey and to complete your business plan.

The more missions you complete, the more you prepare yourself to become a social entrepreneur.