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Mission 1

The inner branches
The external branches
Additional comments
1) Your abilities and skills
2) Your interests
3) Personality
4) Personal and professional connections
5) Past Experience
6) Other tangible and intangible resources
Write your purpose statement below 

Mission 2

Which local challenge do you commit to solving, given your purpose statement and personal strengths?test

Mission 3


Mission 4

Top 10 Ideastest test

Mission 5

Final Idea

Mission 6

Key Resources
Key Activities

Mission 7

PainsPerformance , overwhelming jobs, promotion
GainsWork life balance
ProductsMindfulness Meditation Mental health
Pain RelieversImproving mental health
Pain RelieversImproving mental health
Who want toImprove their life
byAddressing their health issues
andEnable a new lifestyle

Mission 8

Plan your start-upFirst, online business - coaching and therapy online secondly, open the clinic - bring great facilities

Mission 9

IntroductionDelia - to make the world a better place
TeamStill working on the team
ProblemMental health , mindfulness and meditation
SolutionMinefulness clinic
ProductBy bringing all the great services togeter that a person at burnout needs and deliver a full product to her: a mindfulness clinic
MaketBelgian citizens and residenrs corporate employees
CompetitionMindfulness clinics from hospitals
Your BusinessBy bringing more service to the clinic and by building a francize around the world
ResourcesBusiness angels founding
ContactWebsite Social media Phone
PitchHave you ever felt that you hate yourself for the job that you are doing? Have you ever wondered that the work you are doing and the way you are managed can generate a trauma which can lead to burnout? At Mindfulness Clinic, we teach you how to adopt a new lifestyle and practice mindfulness and meditation, not only for a while, but for a life time!