Phase 1: Young social entrepreneur competences profile

Youth social entrepreneurship competences profile aims to support the development of the learning materials, including the online hub. The profile of young social entrepreneur will include specific and general/transversal competences required to start-up and manage successfully a social enterprise.

Phase 2. Kit for start-up and management of social enterprise

This kit is designed for youth workers that guide and support the young people in the process of creating and managing the Virtual social enterprise, covering instruments in administration, marketing, financial, evaluation and planning, human resources, decision-making instruments, business models in social enterprises and stakeholders map.

Phase 3. Pan-European Youth Entrepreneurship Online Hub

The partners join forces to provide a high-quality virtual meeting space which:

1. Ensures the knowledge transfer, exchange of innovative practices, and networking between youth workers who are engaged in entrepreneurial initiatives;

2. Facilitates the social dialogue between youth workers, youth and the entrepreneurship community; 3. Promotes and encourages youth entrepreneurship;

4. Offers the young people an interactive infrastructure to create a business plan following structured mentorship advice, and to keep a journal about their learning progress;

5. Encourages feedback and suggestions from youth workers, trainers and consultants on the social enterprises business plan and their business strategies.

Phase 4: Workshop on key success factors for young social entrepreneurs

This workshop will provide an opportunity for project partners to showcase some of the project outputs and to discuss around them with practitioners – youth and adult learners from social and cooperative enterprises, teachers, trainers, school managers, education NGOs, decision-makers.

Note:This can be with a gallery of photos and short journals or videos. Or submit the online form for the workshops and calendar with the dates and places of the workshops, where people can subscribe.

Phase 5: Future Entrepreneurship Change Makers Gala

A final conference on the role of youth entrepreneurship in combating social exclusion and how to develop entrepreneurial skills will be organized. During the event the young people will pitch their business in front of an investor committee and will receive feedback on their social start-ups’ ideas.